Planning for 2021

One of the biggest lessons the year 2020 has taught us is that plans change. Whether we like change or not, as business people, we still need to take the time to plan ahead for the coming year, and we also need to understand the need for flexibility and resilience as we look forward to 2021.

Planning ahead can help save time and money, now and in the future. It also might help us all to move forward and put the challenges of 2020 behind us.

At IOP, we have a few suggestions for planning for 2021, including:

• Create a schedule.

Look ahead at least three months and plan your business’ marketing and branding activities. Use a calendar to help you visualize the timing of marketing, promotion and social media efforts. By planning ahead, you can make sure you're doing the right things to reach the right people (your target customers) at the right time. (And remember: Be open to change, because plans can, and sometimes do, change.)

• Plan to use one-stop resources to streamline your efforts.

In any business, by working with one supplier, you generally get better prices and service because you’ve attained a greater “valued-customer” status. At IOP, all of our customers -- big and small -- are valued and we provide the same high-quality service to everyone. We believe that’s the way it should be in business, and it makes everyone's jobs easier and less stressful. (P.S. We'll be talking more about working with a one-stop resource in an upcoming blog post... stay tuned!)

We have more ideas, too, and we're here for you. Let's talk and, together, we can explore more ways to plan ahead for the coming year and put 2020 behind us. Call us at 336-676-2092 or 732-758-6280. Or reach out to us through email at Let's look forward to a successful, resilient year ahead!