Don't touch!...

Get a No-Touch Tool like the one pictured here... It's our 'Promo Item of the Month' at IOP Communications, Inc.!

The past year has taught us all to be a lot more careful about what we're touching when we're out in public. That's why No-Touch Tools like this one are our "IOP Promo Item of the Month" for March 2021.

If you're not comfortable opening doors, touching elevator buttons, door handles, ATM buttons or touch screens, this is the perfect tool for you and your customers -- and it can be imprinted with your logo and brand. Call us at IOP at 336-676-2092, or email us at, for more information, and we'll hook you up (pun intended!) with this handy promo item!

We'll send you a FREE SAMPLE of this item -- Contact IOP today!