There's No Place Like Home!

Help your employees and customers adjust to being home 24/7 with IOP's 'Promo Items of the Month'

April 2020 is unlike any other time we've faced before. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we're all working from home (or at least, most of us are), we're learning from home, and we're cooking/dining at home, 7 days a week, all month long (and maybe longer).

Show your employees and customers that you care, and help make their lives easier with this month's "IOP Promo Items of the Month" -- we're featuring 3 items/ideas this month, rather than just focusing on 1 item, like we usually do:

Cozy work-from-home apparel and blankets

Coffee mugs make a comeback

Grills and other cook-at-home tools

IOP can imprint your logo and branding messages on these items -- and on so many other types of helpful, home-related items. Then, we'll send them to your employees, clients, etc. to help you show them that you care, and help make their lives a little bit easier right now. Check out our online catalog now for more ideas, or call us at 336-676-2092. Or you can send us an email: