Summer Is Here! Hot Promo Items to Cool You Down…

Ready or not, summer is here! Golf outings, company picnics, outdoor concerts and events offer you the perfect opportunity to promote your company’s brand and to attract more customers when you give out imprinted promotional items that have a “cooling effect” to beat the summer heat.

Timely and helpful gifts imprinted with your marketing messages and your logo will be greatly appreciated by the people who need them. Staying cool or dry in the summer heat can be a challenge. That’s why we selected the following 3 items as our “top picks” for “cooling” summer event giveaways:

1. Insulated beverage bottles, mugs and drinkware ​​

We’ve got insulated drinkware for summer refreshments in all colors, shapes and sizes, including these insulated bottles that’ll keep beverages cool for up to 24 hours. Check our online catalog for more options.

2. Cooling bandanas

On hot summer days, everyone can appreciate a cooling bandana wrapped around their head or neck – like this “Cooling Fandana,” a multi-functional cooling head & neckwear bandana. (We have more bandanas in our catalog, too!)

3. Handheld fans (pictured above)

Imprint your logo or message on the handle of these rainbow folding fans – or pick any kind of handheld fan to give away during the summer months.

The items mentioned here are just some of our favorites -- we have many more promotional item ideas for you. Call us at 336-676-2092 or email us at Or browse our online catalog for more ideas. At IOP, we’re here to help you promote your business -- and to keep you cool!

Enjoy your summer -- and we hope to hear from you soon!