Let IOP Help You With Corporate Gift-Giving This Holiday Season!

Quick question for you: Whatever happened to waiting for Thanksgiving before we started celebrating the holidays? Each year, it seems like the holidays are here earlier and earlier… In the stores, all the decorations, lights and trees are in place and ready to go in October, and this can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re not ready to go with your holiday gift-giving plans!

But, don’t stress! We can help you with your corporate and employee gift-giving needs this year! IOP makes corporate gift-giving easy with a simple 3-step plan:

1. Pick a gift(s) to give from among all the offerings in our catalog. If you want some assistance, we can help you pick appropriate gifts for everyone on your list!

2. Email to us your list of gift recipients. Our email: info@iopcomm.com.

3. Then, send us your business cards or holiday cards that we’ll enclose with your gifts. (We can order and print cards for you, too, if needed… Just let us know as soon as possible, so we have plenty of time to make it happen!)

Place your order by November 30th and see how easy and stress-free corporate gift-giving can be with IOP!

SPECIAL OFFER for new customers: Get 15% off your first order with IOP!*

Need more information… or maybe some inspiration and gift-giving ideas? Contact us via email. Or us at 336-676-2092 or 732-758-6280.

Take advantage of IOP’s easy 1-2-3 process and the money-saving offer, and your holiday gift-giving will be a breeze this year – one less thing to worry about during the hectic holiday season!

*15% savings (up to $100 maximum) off the order total – not including postage and/or freight/shipping costs.