Create Customer Loyalty for More Business Success

Did you know April is “Customer Loyalty Month”? (Now you do!) In a listing in this year’s (2018) Chase’s Calendar of Annual Events, it says, “We highlight this month to honor and generate customer loyalty! Even though building customer loyalty should be a year-round thing, not just a month, take this month to strategize on how you can improve on relationships with your customers through better service, higher quality, etc.”

We agree! Customer loyalty is a powerful business-building tool. A recent article reports, “Loyalty brings new customers via recommendations – 55% of U.S. consumers recommend brands or organizations they are loyal to, to [their] family and friends, and 12% publicly endorse it on social media.”

The article suggests that generating customer loyalty is “the art of creating memorable ‘high points’ in your customer relationships” and recommends “delighting” customers every three or four months with your service. If you do this, your customers will be “more forgiving” and “more loyal.”

Yes, loyal customers definitely lead the way to more business success. In a USA Today article, a customer retention consultant says, “Everything hinges on the customer. If you take care of the customer, profits will come.”

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