For More Business, Make an Impression with ‘Indirect Action Messages’

Want more business to come to you? (Who doesn’t!) Ready to be recognized when you reach out to prospects? It’s time to make an impression with “indirect action messages” – effective communication tools and techniques for boosting your business.

In Mass Communication - Living in a Media World, Ralph E. Hanson, author and professor at University of Nebraska at Kearney, defines an “indirect action message” as an advertising message designed to build the image of a company and to create demand for the company’s products and services “without specifically urging that a particular action be taken at a particular time and place.”

Promotional items imprinted with your company’s name are perfect examples of “indirect action messages” -- and they’re capable of driving more business to your company.

  1. When someone wears a golf shirt with your company’s logo stitched to its sleeve, that’s an indirect action message.

  2. A clock imprinted with your company’s logo on the wall in a doctor’s office is an example of an indirect action message.

  3. A fabric tote bag imprinted with your company’s name (whether it’s filled with groceries and other purchases or not) is another example of an indirect action message.

There are many ways promotional items can communicate your marketing and advertising messages to your customers and prospects – way too many to list in this blog post! Let’s talk! At IOP Communications, we can provide you with lots of examples that are customized especially for you and your business’ needs. Call us at 732-758-6280 or email us for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!