Use Creativity to Boost Marketing and Sales!

How do you define “creativity”? It can be defined in many different ways. It all depends on what perspective you’re taking when you define it. You could be looking at creativity through the eyes of an artist molding clay or painting with a brush, or an engineer or scientist innovating and developing a new product, or as business owners who are coming up with solutions to everyday problems related to their businesses. However you choose to define it, creativity is all around us. Experts say it’s driving our economy, and that we’re living in the “Creative Age.” This blog post is an excerpt from a popular post we published a few years ago, but the “creativity” conversation continues today – and it’s just as relevant as it ever was because…

We are living and working in the “Creative Age”! In an article in U.S. News & World Report a few years ago, Richard Florida, a professor and author of The Rise of the Creative Class: Revisited, says, “We had three great ages in recent history. The first was the modern Agricultural Age... Then we shifted from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age, and that created the great economic revolution and propelled the United States to dominance. But now over the past three or four decades, we have shifted to the Creative Age. We saw that beginning to happen in 1980. In about 1980 you could see more than 20 million new members of our workforce joined the creative class.”

Today, it’s estimated that 40 million people are part of the “creative class”… Are you one of them? If you’d like to learn more about how you can use creativity to help you build more momentum for your business, we’re here to help you do that at IOP Communications. Let’s talk!