Yes, Direct Mail Is Alive and Well!

Despite what some people say about the days of direct mail marketing being done, direct mail is alive and well! In fact, recently, published a story about one entrepreneur who, within the last decade, has built a multi-million-dollar business through direct mail. In the article, Shaun Buck says, “I loved the idea of direct mail because everybody says it shouldn’t work. ‘Direct mail is dead,’ they’d say. I did the exact opposite, and can personally say that the industry is alive and kicking. People still appreciate personalized attention. That will never go away.”

Yes, direct mail can play an important role in your 2017 marketing plan! Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, you’re still marketing to people, and direct mail can be an effective marketing tactic for making personalized connections with people in your target audience. But, you should also keep in mind that direct mail works best when it’s part of a coordinated, integrated marketing plan. Your business’ website, social media channels and email campaigns should all work together and support your direct mail campaign. A recent article on reports, “There is little value in sending out a direct mail campaign if you haven’t thought about how you’re going to reflect it across your website, email and social media channels, because having a well ordered vision for the whole [marketing] process will definitely yield dividends in the long run.”

At IOP Communications, printing, mailing and kitting, are just some of the direct mail marketing services we provide to our clients. Over the past 21+ years, we’ve helped – and we continue to help – many of our clients with their direct mail marketing efforts. And we’ve seen many successful direct mail campaigns… So, don’t believe those rumors about direct mail being dead… or gone for good!

We’re happy to report that direct mail is “alive and kicking,” and we’d also be happy to show you how direct mail marketing can kick up more business for you! Call us at 732-758-6280 or email us at