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Promoting Business.

Help your employees and customers adjust to being home 24/7 with IOP's 'Promo Items of the Month'

April 2020 is unlike any other time we've faced before. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we're all working from home (or at least, most of us are), we're learning from home, and we're cooking/dining at home, 7 days a week, all month long (and maybe longer).

Show your employees and customers that you care, and help make their lives easier with this month's "IOP Promo Items of the Month" -- we're featuring 3 items/ideas this month, rather than just focusing on 1 item, like we usually do:

Cozy work-from-home apparel and blankets

Coffee mugs make a comeback

Grills and other cook-at-home tools

IOP can imprint your logo and branding messages on these items -- and on so many other types of helpful, home-related items. Then, we'll send them to your employees, clients, etc. to help you show them that you care, and help make their lives a little bit easier right now. Check out our online catalog now for more ideas, or call us at 336-676-2092. Or you can send us an email: info@iopcomm.com.

It’s anything but “business as usual” as we end the month of March 2020. So, we thought we’d provide you with some helpful tips for maintaining a positive mindset and to keep moving forward until we can get back to our normal routines – and it’s probably going to be a “new normal” – for our businesses and daily lives.

An article from Psychology Today provides 10 steps for “staying on course… when life throws a sucker punch at you” – which is something we’re all currently dealing with in this unprecedented coronavirus situation. From the article, we’ve picked these 4 tips to highlight in this blog post:

• Don’t give up.

Accept the fact that things are different now and we need to adapt, not quit. The article states, “… you are in charge of your choices. Giving up may enter your mind, but find some way to keep going, even if you have to do things a little differently.”

• Take it one day at a time.

Manage your life in daily increments, savoring the moments in between – “and get your personal support system involved.” While we may be isolated at home, today’s technology allows us to easily connect and interact with each other. (Did you know you can connect with IOP Communications through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter? Follow us, and we’ll follow you back!)

• Stay positive.

Albert Einstein said, “We all need to see the universe as friendly.” Maintain a positive outlook, seek out positive news and information – or at least try to limit your exposure to all the negativity that’s out there right now.

• Recognize that what you are going through now is not permanent.

Focus on controlling what you can, and keep saying to yourself, “This, too, shall pass.”

We know that brighter days are ahead of us! And, remember: We’re all in this together. IOP Communications is here for you now and in the future, just as we’ve been for the past 25 years. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at any time. You can call us at 336-676-2092 or send us an email to info@iopcomm.com.

We’ll be in touch again soon. In the meantime, let’s all keep moving forward!

March is National Umbrella Month – IOP’s ‘Promo Item of the Month’...

Promote your business or brand by imprinting your logo or marketing messages on useful, attention-grabbing umbrellas – IOP’s “Promo Item of the Month” for March. Check out this 60" Arc Golf Umbrella – just one of many featured umbrellas in our online catalog! Call us at 336-676-2092, email us at info@iopcomm.com or visit our online catalog for more information.

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Mike DeNofa owns and operates IOP Communications, Inc. With three+ decades of experience in the communications industry, Mike provides extraordinary customer service to IOP clients by always focusing on quality consistency, reliability and attention-to-detail.
IOP services include: Printing / Branding / Promotional Items / Warehousing & Distribution / Kitting & Assembly / Online Inventory Management. Contact Mike for more information at info@iopcomm.com.
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