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Promoting Business.

Here's a Quick Note from IOP Communications Founder and President Mike DeNofa...

Last week (February 28th, to be exact), IOP Communications, Inc. celebrated our 22nd anniversary! Today, when I look back to February 28th, 1995, it seems like it was just yesterday that IOP Communications started providing commercial printing, imprinted promotional products, branded apparel and mailing and warehousing services to our clients.

But, a lot has changed since 1995, for the world in general, and for IOP! We still offer you the same business services, but our most recent change is our brand-new website: www.iopcomm.com. We created the site to enhance our communications with current and future clients, and to better reflect who we are in 2017. We’ve come a long way in 22 years, and you can learn more about IOP’s journey by reading the “More About Us” page on the new website.

Looking back over the past 22 years, I can honestly say it’s been an honor working with the organizations, businesses and people who have helped make IOP the successful business it is. We are so grateful to everyone… THANK YOU! And we look forward to many more years of working with you, and offering you the printing, marketing and promotional branding services you need. Please call me directly at

or reach out to me through email at mdenofa@iopcomm.com, if you have any questions or just want to chat! I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope we’ll have the opportunity to work together (either again, or for the first time) in the near future!


Mike DeNofa

IOP Communications, Inc.

“Corporate gifting is a smart and powerful way to make sure your company exposure goes the extra mile,” according to 9 Company Swag Bag Gifts That Won’t Get Tossed in the Trash, a recent article on Inc.com. We wholeheartedly agree, especially when you’re exhibiting at or attending tradeshows and conferences. And we’ve got the corporate gifts and tradeshow “swag” you need to help you promote your business and your brand.

If you’re planning to attend or exhibit at a tradeshow or conference any time in 2017, now is the time to plan. Make the most of your time and investment at the conference by planning to give away some type of item or “swag bag” to distribute to attendees. But – and this is a big “BUT” – you want to make sure you’re giving away something memorable and useful, otherwise you’re wasting your time and money. If you’re stuck for ideas about what to give away, we can help you!

Our first piece of advice: Focus on the recipients and be thoughtful! The “swag” you distribute at a conference/tradeshow should be the type of items that attendees will find useful. Another Inc.com report backs up our advice. In the article, an industry professional advises, “The swag worth investing in is the type of item that attendees will find useful. If you’re at a conference for pet owners, give away branded leashes or portable dog bowls. Think of items that people at the conference will need but might have forgotten to bring, and give them that. [Think band-aids for blisters, antacids for tummy aches, breath mints, etc.] You’ll not only be a hero, but they’ll remember your brand too.”

Getting people – potential customers – to remember YOU and YOUR BRAND is what those “swag bags” and corporate gifting are all about! We can help you imprint and package just about any type of “swag” item to meet your corporate gifting needs. Among the corporate gifting items popular right now are:

• Smart wallets for mobile devices

• Microfiber cloths for cleaning mobile devices

• Lip balm

• Power banks and chargers

• Reusable tote bags to tote around all the swag… and more!

All of these items can be (and should be) imprinted with your logo and/or company name or brand for maximum promotional impact!

We can also suggest some additional items that would be appropriate for your specific needs to help you promote your business. Give us a call at 732-758-6280 or contact us through email: info@iopcomm.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon – and we also look forward to helping you get the “swag” you need!

Despite what some people say about the days of direct mail marketing being done, direct mail is alive and well! In fact, recently, Inc.com published a story about one entrepreneur who, within the last decade, has built a multi-million-dollar business through direct mail. In the article, Shaun Buck says, “I loved the idea of direct mail because everybody says it shouldn’t work. ‘Direct mail is dead,’ they’d say. I did the exact opposite, and can personally say that the industry is alive and kicking. People still appreciate personalized attention. That will never go away.”

Yes, direct mail can play an important role in your 2017 marketing plan! Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, you’re still marketing to people, and direct mail can be an effective marketing tactic for making personalized connections with people in your target audience. But, you should also keep in mind that direct mail works best when it’s part of a coordinated, integrated marketing plan. Your business’ website, social media channels and email campaigns should all work together and support your direct mail campaign. A recent article on Tech.co reports, “There is little value in sending out a direct mail campaign if you haven’t thought about how you’re going to reflect it across your website, email and social media channels, because having a well ordered vision for the whole [marketing] process will definitely yield dividends in the long run.”

At IOP Communications, printing, mailing and kitting, are just some of the direct mail marketing services we provide to our clients. Over the past 21+ years, we’ve helped – and we continue to help – many of our clients with their direct mail marketing efforts. And we’ve seen many successful direct mail campaigns… So, don’t believe those rumors about direct mail being dead… or gone for good!

We’re happy to report that direct mail is “alive and kicking,” and we’d also be happy to show you how direct mail marketing can kick up more business for you! Call us at 732-758-6280 or email us at info@iopcomm.com.

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Mike DeNofa
Mike DeNofa owns and operates IOP Communications, Inc. With three+ decades of experience in the communications industry, Mike provides extraordinary customer service to IOP clients by always focusing on quality consistency, reliability and attention-to-detail.
IOP services include: Printing / Branding / Promotional Items / Warehousing & Distribution / Kitting & Assembly / Online Inventory Management. Contact Mike for more information at info@iopcomm.com.
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