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Promoting Business.

Printing and print media are definitely NOT dead! In fact, marketing and publishing executives recognize the value of keeping print in the marketing mix, alongside the latest technology. Earlier this year, Forbes published an article that said, “Media has changed dramatically from the business it was in 2000. And that change is accelerating. It will impact everyone, because we all are consumers, altering what we consume and how we consume it.” Yes, we’re impacted, but, we (consumers) are still “consuming” print media.

There’s just something about the printed page that many of us still love… maybe it’s the steadiness, reliability and control of holding a book or a printed page in our hands. Earlier this month (June 2017), the Content Marketing Institute reported, “While marketers flood new digital channels and explore the latest amplification strategies, a number of companies continue to invest in the ‘traditional’ media of print to reach their customers... approximately one-third of B2B and B2C marketers use print – those who do use print consider it the most important channel after email and LinkedIn (for B2B) and Facebook (for B2C).”

Consumers are sticking with print media – at least on a part-time basis – according to surveys and reports: Less than two years ago, a NY Times report predicted that “publishing [and print media], while not immune to technological upheaval, will weather the tidal wave of digital technology better than other forms of media, like music and television.” In the same article, a chief executive of Penguin Random House said print books accounted for more than 70 percent of the company’s sales in the U.S. He also added, “People talked about the demise of physical books as if it was only a matter of time, but even 50 to 100 years from now, print will be a big chunk of our business.” Those of us in the printing and publishing industries especially love to hear this!

But, we are realistic: “The tug of war between pixels and print almost certainly isn’t over,” the NY Times report concludes, citing another publishing executive as asking, “Will the next generation want to read books on their smartphones, and will we see another burst come?” Only time will tell.

Today, in 2017, we believe a print component should be a part of every business’ media marketing mix, including direct mail, magazines, newsletters, brochures, signage and other print media. Let us show you how to take full advantage of the marketing power of print media! Give us a call at IOP Communications at 732-758-6280. Or reach out to us through email: info@iopcomm.com, or through our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IOPcommunications/ .

Thank you for reading our blog! Until next time, let’s keep on printing!

You may be familiar with all the traditional marketing channels, but are you up to date on the latest marketing trends in 2017? “Marketing and advertising will be relying more and more on industry influencers and less on traditional channels to reach customers,” according a recent article on Business2Community.com. “Influencer marketing” is cited as just one of marketing trends happening right now. Here’s a list that includes a few more marketing trends we think it’s important to know about:

• Influencer marketing – Get in touch with the “influencers” on social media and align your products and services with the right people on social media channels, such as YouTube and Twitter. The article cites a Nielsen study that says “92% of people trust recommendations from individuals, regardless of their relationship to them, over brands.”

• Collaboration – Teamwork is making a comeback! The article says, “Working with others in and out of your specific industry is going to become more essential over the next few years.”

• Interactive content marketing – From personalized assessments, to interactive infographics, interactive content marketing is becoming more and more popular in digital marketing efforts. (You’ve probably taken one of those “quizzes” on Facebook… they’re just one example of different types of interactive content marketing.)

• Mobile marketing – Desktop computing is becoming less popular, and mobile device use is on the rise (as expected). According to a Hubspot report, “More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Japan. (Google, 2015). The mobile trend is expected to accelerate, and mobile marketing efforts will increase, too.

• Messenger bots and AI (artificial intelligence) – Messenger bots are just making their entry into the marketing arena in 2017. These programs are helping to process orders and deliver other information to potential customers right now, but their potential for the future use is wide-ranging.

We like to stay on top of all the latest marketing and business trends at IOP Communications, so we can help our customers promote their businesses in the most effective ways. When you take advantage of our services – printing services, imprinted promotional items and branded apparel – you get personalized service, plus marketing insight and experience, too! Let’s collaborate! Stay on top of the latest marketing trends with IOP Communications, and give us a shout when you’re ready to move ahead with your next marketing project!

Flexibility. Contract hiring. Co-working spaces. Less email. No more strict working hours… 2017 is proving to be a year where businesses are rapidly adapting to change and tapping into the “global talent pool” in an effort to boost, or at least stay relevant, in business.

Whether you’re in business for yourself, or you work for a large corporation, it’s important to recognize changing business trends that might impact your employees or affect your business, either directly or indirectly. A recent (April 2017) Inc.com report cites these two impactful trends as an explanation for “the shift toward co-working” that’s happening in business right now:

Gig-economy: Increase in freelance, independent and temporary workers, and corporations relying more heavily on contractors and independent workers.

Remote flexibility: More employers allowing employees to work from alternate locations.

In fact, in business today, more people are working remotely than ever before. The previously mentioned Inc.com report also says, “An uptick in gig-type occupations, co-working spaces have emerged as a popular and cost-effective option for businesses and the part-time, full-time and contract workers they employ… the number of co-working spaces worldwide has increased by 1,000 percent in the last five years.”

Another important business trend that’s happening right now is the rapidly changing workforce. “The American work force has never been more diverse, with generations spanning from Baby Boomers to Gen X-ers and beyond. In recent years, however, Millennials (adults aged 19 to 35) have driven the biggest transformation in workplace dynamics,” according to another Inc.com report. Additionally, the article says the Millennials will “eliminate” the following business practices/trends in the very near future:

Email will no longer be a business’ primary internal communication tool.

Closed office space designs will become “extinct,” being replaced by open, collaborative workspaces.

You can say “Goodbye!” to the 9-5 workday. (We wrote about this last year in a previous post on our blog.)

At IOP Communications, we’ll continue to stay on top of the latest business trends, and we’ll keep you posted right here on our blog. Stay tuned! But, in the meantime, if you’d like to talk to us about any of these trends, or if you’re looking for some guidance and strategies to help you keep your business relevant in these changing times, give us a call at 732-758-6280 or send an email to info@iopcomm.com. We’d be happy to chat with you!

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IOP services include: Printing / Branding / Promotional Items / Warehousing & Distribution / Kitting & Assembly / Online Inventory Management. Contact Mike for more information at info@iopcomm.com.
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