COVID-19 Safety & Personal Protection Equipment

These products are ideal for offices, schools, hospitals, medical centers, retirement communities, food markets, retailers, restaurants and anywhere people gather, and where preventing the spread of the coronavirus or infectious disease is a priority.

Masks & Face Shields

Disposable or reusable face masks and face shields for everyone... 

Let IOP provide you with face masks and face shields -- reusable or disposable. Face masks can be customized and imprinted with logos, special designs and messages. Contact IOP for more information.






Healthcare/Safety Printing & Signage

Meet safety and social distancing requirements with signage, imprinted tape and other 

printing solutions

IOP offers a wide variety of printing services and solutions, including floor and wall signage, area marking tape, imprinted promo items and more.

Infection-Control Safety Shields/Partitions

Safely improve face-to-face interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Safety Shields protect employees and customers who work face-to-face with each other and/or the public by providing a physical barrier to help block the spread of germs and infectious disease. 


Safety & Infection-Control Stations

On-site safety stations are key to promoting hygiene in workplaces and at events

Provide your employees and guests with the hygiene supplies they need, when and where they need them. Floor-standing or wall-mounted infection control stations in high-traffic areas will help keep everyone safe. Contact IOP for more information and ideas. 

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Let IOP help you find 
safety and protection solutions to help control the spread of infectious diseases and keep everyone safe!

For more info and ideas, email us at  Or call us:


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