CASE STUDIES: Working with IOP Communications, Inc.

Healthcare Industry Case Study

Simplifying sourcing and purchasing processes for a complex project with many components.

Challenges: A Northeastern healthcare system was looking to create "welcome bags" for patients in two separate departments: Orthopedic patients and Oncology/Hematology patients. IOP was asked to find useful promotional items to include in the welcome bags, with each item ideally being appropriate for use by both departments. There were many items proposed for the welcome bags, and the approval process was complex: Client representatives from both departments had to review various samples of the proposed items to ensure the items would meet the requirements of both areas, and that the items would stand up to the rigors of patient usage. Additionally, from the extensive selection of proposed items, the client representatives from both departments needed to agree on and choose one item from each type of item proposed. 


As a one-stop resource for branding/promotional products and printing services, IOP Communications

proposed many different types of items for the welcome bags and, in the end, created two similar, yet

customized, bags with the following components:

Orthopedic Center                  Cancer Center

Note pads                                Planner/calendar

Toiletry bags                           Toiletry bags

Magnet clip                             Magnet clip  

Gel packs                                Thermometer

Pill case                                  Branded tote

Branded tote

Results: IOP Communications worked closely with the healthcare system's department representatives to coordinate and simplify the sourcing and purchasing processes involved in creating the welcome bags. It was a complex project with a lot of components that needed to be "aligned and harmonious." One of the client representatives said, "I feel confident now that we have the right items for the patients... thank you for your help!" In addition to meeting the clients' expectations, the welcome bags were also well-received and appreciated by the patients, resulting in an overall positive branding experience for the healthcare system.

Manufacturing Industry Case Study

Streamlining the print production process, and satisfying warehousing and fulfillment needs.

Challenges: A lighting manufacturer was constantly updating a large printed sales catalog for 119 national and international dealers. At least 500 completed binders were required to be stocked in inventory at all times. Since each catalog contained more than 200 pieces, modifying just one page or an entire section was an enormous task, requiring too much manpower and space, costing thousands of dollars, and creating extensive delays, miscommunication and inefficiencies. These were the challenges IOP Communications was charged with overcoming. 

Solution: After gaining an in-depth understanding of the client's needs, IOP Communications devised a plan that turned what was once a logistical nightmare into a simple, cost-effective solution. To improve efficiencies and cut costs at the same time, a "one-stop-shopping" concept streamlined the production process by putting all services -- catalog editing, warehousing, online inventory control, and a speedy distribution system -- conveniently under one roof. 

Results: IOP Communications designed the "one-stop" solution and created an online inventory system that transformed a disjointed and scattered process with slow fulfillment into a streamlined process with speedy delivery -- 24-36 hours turnaround time instead of one week or more! Working with IOP Communications, the lighting manufacturer turned what was once a "logistical nightmare" into a dream scenario, saving time, money and warehousing space! 

Financial Industry Case Study

Designing forms and applications to protect the privacy of banking customers.

Challenges: The financial industry is plagued by security and privacy issues. Whether imposed by law or by strict internal guidelines, maintaining private information such as debit card "PIN" numbers is serious business. The marketing department of a New Jersey-based bank reached out to IOP Communications to design and create a business debit card form for multiple applicants. To do this effectively, several challenges would need to be overcome: How would employee withdrawal and purchase limit information be kept confidential? How could individual PIN numbers remain private when completing the form? IOP Communications was asked to create an easy-to-use application form that kept personal data private. The form needed to meet the demands of the back office at the bank, it had to adhere to strict security guidelines, and it had to be cost-effective to produce. 

Solution: IOP Communications designed and produced a 2-page, multi-part form with strategic "block-outs" (areas that keep on the private data for each employee confidential. The new form was created using NCR paper and desensitized ink, and the form could be processed by the bank in a way that did not compromise the integrity of personal information or customer satisfaction. 

Results: IOP Communications' design and production of the application form was very successful for everyone involved -- especially the bank and its customers. Results included:

     • Savings of approximately 30 percent in production costs

     • Faster application process for the bank's customers

     • Adherence to strict security guidelines

     • Private information was kept private and secure

     • Improved back-office operations at the bank. 

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